Dirk + Cami Wedding Preview | The Artesian Hotel

Imagine a wedding with a loving couple, joyful family, excited friends, live music inspired reception and a historic hotel.  Do you have it?  Well, I bet you didn’t come come to the relaxed, fun and love atmosphere of Dirk & Cami’s special day in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

We have known Cami since shooting her PR images in 2008 before the “In the Morning” CD release.  She has always been near to your hearts.  Watching her performances always left me breathless and I felt a personal connection with her song “When I'm Away from You”.  If you love live performances with sultry jazz with soul, then you seriously need to catch Cami’s next gig. You can follow her Facebook page for updates and the progress of her next release.  She is fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous, did I mention Dirk?  Close your eyes and imagine an athletic build, young man crossed with the best of Prince Charming, President JFK and Tony Curtis.  We spent some quality, close quarters time with him during our stay at The Artesian Hotel and I believe he is my next man crush.  Dirk is charming, thoughtful, caring, understanding with a calming nature and great with kids.  Fall in love yet? Too bad, he is very much taken.  Probably one of Dirk’s great qualities is he is madly in love with Cami and treats her like a Faberge work of art.

Music is Cami’s passion and the music line-up was incredible with the talented Matt Stansberry & The Romance, fiddle legend Byron Berline, Greg Burgess, Adam & Kizzie Ledbetter, and Zac Lee's New Orleans Jazz Band. The dance floor during the reception was never empty and I noticed more than one hotel guest joining in the party.  We believe it will be a long time before the fine people of Sulphur see another awesome event like this one.

I'm sure you are ready for a few images highlighting the special day, but I would feel badly if I didn't mention Kindt Myers (KINDT Events) and the staff with The Artesian Hotel quickly modifying the lobby for the wedding ceremony because of bad weather.  I said quickly, I meant in less than 45 minutes.  We can’t brag enough on these two making the right decisions at the right time bringing it all into a day to be remembered. Amazing!

As photographers no one ever asks us to toast the fortunate couple, so here is our blessing.  May you feel the sun’s warm on your face, the gentle breeze at your back as you walk together thought life inspiring others to be greater. Congratulations Dirk & Cami for finding each other, choosing a path of love, laughter and family.  Enjoy opening the new chapter of your life, the best is yet to come.

Enjoy these previews of your amazing day with family and friends.