New Design & Direction

You might notice we changed the website design over the weekend.  The fog in my head is starting to form into a direction.  We never stopped shooting weddings but spread our focus a little too wide with many different types of photography.  We really miss spending time with our couples.  In fact, we were at dinner last week with two previous clients that are close friends and afterwards, we both commented how awesome it was to enjoy an evening with them.  Personally, I felt more confident of moving back to making weddings a priority of our business.

I’m surprising myself by actually sitting down to write this post because it will be the first time, in a long while, that 2 updates are happening in a single month.  I have to mention this force is partially driven by Leia Smethurst.  She is an incredibly talented photographer, a creative writer, coffee networking partner and dear friend.  Seriously, check out her work online and you will agree.  Thanks Leia for inspiring me to write more.

Along the same lines of writing, I’m decided to use this blog for both personal and business.  I feel that the more you know of us, the more confident you can be about making a decision to hire Trawick Images for your professional wedding coverage.  It’s like the NBC public service announcement commercial: “The More You Know…”  Finding the right person to create lasting memories on your special day is about their abilities AND personality.  Remember, no matter the cost, the photographer will be around you both for the whole day and most of the time, very close.  Just think carefully about that ‘cause it will be too late during the wedding to get another pro to come out.  Choose wisely.  Yes, I’m an Indian Jones fan and made my children watch all the movies.  So watch for posts geared directly towards brides and couples mixed with some personal experiences.

I’m sure you are wondering about the photo leading this post.  Well, everyone probably knows I love shoes and have more images of footwear than ring shots from any wedding.  It’s a little crazy I know, but just accept and don’t judge. Ha,ha,ha!  

I’ve spent most of my adult life wearing boots, combat, cowboy or hiking boots to be specific.  Rarely did anyone see me in sneakers or running shoes, unless I was doing PT or have an injury.  Just so you know, I have slipped on a pair (or two) of high heels as a joke.  As I got older, comfort really took a priority in my selection footwear.  I still have my boots and wear the occasionally, but today I prefer my very comfy Merrell light hiking boots, Skechers or tennis shoes with good support.  I hope you can sympathize with me on this issue.

Why did this happen?  I can only venture to explain my situation.  Despite the obvious body changes, I think as we age, the easy and comfy road is a better selection.  I’ve worked hard over the past 35 years, including 20 serving this great country traveling the world.  I don’t think it’s being lazy, I think it’s just more about eliminating (or reducing) the difficult things that wear you down.  It started with a different shoe selection and not starching a heavy crease in my blue jeans.  Just have to throw that in because I was reminded two weeks ago while riding the elevator with a dashing cowboy heading out for a night on the town.  By the way, he is an amazing photographer from west Texas.

So, it seems that the renewed direction of my passion and my life is heading more towards the things I enjoy and give me comfort.  I still have a long way to go in finding my zen, and I realize that it might not completely possible. The journey is much more fun than the destination, I think.  Where are you on life’s journey?  Share your comments below and let’s find shanti together.

Enjoy the Day!

PS: I keep bouncing back & forth about wearing jeans or hiking pants for everyday wear. Have you thought about it? A good pair of hiking specific pants are worth their weight in gold. Check on Jen’s Review on the Best Hiking Pants to see if you can find your “lucky” set.