Snow Day in OKC


I'm sitting here at the studio downtown watching the cars go driving by while updating the new website and slipping into a daydream trance occasionally.  I figured a quick blog post would see who is out there in cyberspace playing hookie from work or spending quality time with the kids.

I knew it was going to snow yesterday morning, since my Dark Sky app told me and is checked each day since my family believes I'm the personal weatherman.  Not sure how I moved into this role but it's my family job to predict the crazy Oklahoma meteorologic changes and inform everyone of possible hazardous conditions.  

I had two meetings yesterday, one of which was a nice sitdown lunch at Kitchen 324 for an upcoming charity project.  The conversation was lively and despite the huge windows, I took little notice of the incliment weather brewing outside.  My iPhone on silent was vibrating a jig with all the texts that I later discovered were "panic" messages from my girls afraid of the incoming "Snowpocalype".  If you don't live in Oklahoma, that would be anytime it snows with at least 1/8 inch accumulation.

My second meeting called and cancelled due to the "inclement" weather and my family lead me down a rabbit hole that lead me to pick up my children early since "the school is closing early".  Upon my arrival to check out my girls in Mustang, there was no need to contact the parents with the official school is closing early automatic voice dialer, because all the parents were already there checking out!  

This was insane.  Really?  Where is this panic coming from?  I double checked my weather app and no signs of dangerous weather, but everyone would need to be careful getting home.  Imagine my surprise (not) when the school called at 6pm to inform us the school was closing on Tuesday because of deteriorating road conditions.

So my girls are relaxing with friends cause who wants to spend the day alone, right.  I'm at work playing catchup as the traffic actually seems busier today since I believe the majority of people are off.  Just seems wrong. 

If you made it this far in the blog post, I just wanted to know who is at home and who is actually working.  I guess if you work from home, I do occassionally, then you are a lucky one and probably still dressed in your PJs.  Take some time to review our new website as I work to improve it and take the survey below. 

Happy Snow Day


Just give us a first name please
what are your snow day plans?