Sunday Wedding | Brian & Suzzanne


Knowing us means you know Brian and knowing him, you must know Suzzanne.  It's a small world and things move at your pace.  We have known Brian for over seven years and he was our master detail light guy.  Brian probably wouldn't admit that he is a very creative person, so you will just have to take my word for it.  He influenced many of the lighting techniques we use today.  He is a gentleman, caring friend, tender dad and blesses everyone's life around him.

Suzzanne entered our lives a little over three years ago.  Brian decided it was time to meet the crew on a New Year's Celebration downtown Oklahoma City.  It was probably one of the coldest nights during that time and still can't believe the group ventured to the roof top of our downtown studio to watch fireworks.  Suzzanne probably thought we were nuts.  It was clear that she had the skills to capture Brian's attention with her zest for life, bold laughter, patience and loving smile.  There should be not doubt they were not as cold as the rest of us suffering through the wind driven chill.

Sunday they became one family.  The Sand Plum in Guthrie was filled with love, laughter and joyful tears throughout the afternoon.  We were so happy and honored to be their chosen photographers.  All of us were so thrilled to have another chance to shoot together and create some magic moments for the large empty place above the fireplace.  Here are three of the images of the special couple taken that day.  Comments and well wishes welcome.

Thank you Brian & Suzzanne for your friendship, trust and blessings.  We wish you both the absolute best and most fabulous future together.