"Wackitts" Wedding Preview | Paul + Kristal | Together Forever

There are "those" couples in everyone's circle, the ones that should just go ahead and get married now.  They are perfect, complimenting each other and drawn together magically by the cosmic forces that surround us.  Paul & Kristal are in love.  Not just the conscious commitment, but the union of soul mates.  It only takes a few minutes with them to realize the world is wondrous, the future is unwritten, but a gentle hand guides us all.

We've known Paul and Kristal since 2011 and wondered when the call would come "We getting married!". The anticipation waned from month to month while we worked through life, always curious if the next holiday would be the proposal date.  Nothing.

Then out of the blue, BAM! a text late in the afternoon from Paul... "Today is the day".  It was almost like bro code for "Oh, I'm so nervous but I'm going to ask her today." My mind was racing; I was having dinner with Terri while thinking "Where is this happening, why isn't he responding to me, did he pass out, please eat faster, I need to get my camera bag, where are they?" etc. So many thoughts and so little time.  The text message responses were painfully slow; I pranced around the house waiting for a time and location confirmation like some military operation had begun.  I was tired of waiting and since it was St. Patrick's Day, I gambled the lucky couple was downtown somewhere and it would be best to be nearby versus sitting at home in Mustang.

Finally, the messaged flooded in from multiple accomplices with location, possible time frame, parking info, and a contact for the entrance to McNeille's.  I'm not sure what laws where broken that night as I made my way downtown, but I was there with minutes to spare and quickly assumed a ninja position poised for the right moment.

Paul and Kristal were dancing, flanked by friends and family, with me lurking between the crowds seeking a vantage point.  The music stopped; Paul paused, then dropped to one knee.  Kristal was shocked, surprised, and utterly overwhelmed.  Here is a kiss from that special night.

But wait, the story doesn't end there.  It was just the beginning of planning the date that rekindled the passion each year. The ups and downs with which every couple grapples occurred but Paul and Kristal didn't just survive; they thrived with a stronger relationship and a deeper commitment to each other.  

The wedding day should have been called "wedding week" for its celebration motif with love coming from all corners of the globe (including Poland).  Family and friends gathered here to celebrate their love and dedication, to cheer on the inevitable event that will positively impact so many others beyond this fabulous couple.  I imagine you are tired of reading and just want to see the preview.  Well, I was just an emotional wreck while culling the selections so I overshot the goal of 20-25 images...well, by a lot.  I'm sure the lucky couple don't mind and I hope you don't either.  Please help me give a round of applause to Paul and Kristal.  Long live "The Wackitts" - not their official name but coined in the circle of trust.  Enjoy the images.

Not so fast partner; you have to understand the last image.  Kristal and Paul are so funny, barely able to contain their joy despite being exhausted.  We do have the serious belle of the ball expression in the previous shot during the session, but this is more like her.  A toast, if you please... Raise a glass to Paul & Kristal.  May you always feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and the wind at your back while walking hand in hand through the miracles of this life sharing your laughter, joy, and faith with those in need of a smile or a hug.