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The Most Experienced Wedding Photographer in Oklahoma - Maybe the World!

This is not a title to be taken lightly, in fact, I’m honored to have the most experience and all my fellow photographers agree with this claim. This helps me pass along some great information to grooms - and the bride - that could elevate your day from great to incredible.  This post will touch on the groom’s responsibilities because after so many weddings, I’m getting tired of the joke regarding the importance of his part during the wedding planning.  Traditionally, the groom’s duties are varied and specific when it comes to wedding planning and the day’s events.  These range from selecting the engagement ring, arranging reception toasts to carry the bride across the threshold.  While many of these have been modernized with the changing times, there are a few that the groom needs to step up to take ownership.  I hope you are viewing the relationship with that significant other as a partnership versus the standard “ball & chain” analogy.  Be involved in the planning stages of this public display of affection and be more than just another party decoration at the reception.  Grooms matter on the wedding day.

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