Coffee, Weddings and 2017

Welcome to the new year and new directions.  Well, maybe not a new direction but some new outlets and projects.  We are working on the new website design, the majority of it is completed and online but we are adding a new Photographer's Resource Page for our education side of the business.  We are pushing more into the personal project areas and partnering with Photos on the Vine and CaptureTV as well as continuing platform speaking for PPA local guilds and events.  If you have been following my social media feed, then you already know "a little" about the new "Coffee with Robert" plans.  The new platform I'm working on is a bi-monthly Google Hangout to answer any photo related questions while I drink coffee.  This way I can reach a wider audience that can't make it to my favorite coffee shops around the metro.

If you are a previous client or a future one, we haven't forgotten about you.  We are still doing things a little differently than most photographers in the metro,  specially in the wedding photography department.  We love to meet with every couple for a consultation and don't book on the "first date".  We firmly believe that, while we are not the best photographers in Oklahoma, we are the best for the couples that choose us.  We adore our couples!

We would love to hear about your experience with our new online digs and are open to suggestions if the information isn't clear.  Of course, we do love to have coffee and Sara Sara cupcakes if you want to chat or work on a special project.