Moore Tornado Relief {the BLU Party}

The Moore tornado was a devastating event that will affect our community longer than many may imagine.  The initial thoughts of that day will be of despair, destruction and death.  So many lives changed in an instant, with past and present memories blown away as the last siren stuttered to a eerie silence. I've experienced first hand the infinite ability we humans have to inflict damage during conflicts.  I've photographed the places and people torn and shattered; changed in a second, the landscapes of the youth forever marred with reminders of our differences. Many times, the most devastating were results of "collateral damage"; the long term cost of many decisions.

In those times, the people's looks of despair, looks of pain, looks of anger... are directed at an enemy.  The mind can somehow wrap, or warp, itself around a reason, a why, a opposition.  Nope of that existed on the day in Moore, or the days that followed.  No reasoning could be found that would lay ruin to people, place and possessions with the violent wind of Mother Nature's fury as an enemy.  There is no answer to "Why?".

As quickly as a need arises, the spirit that binds us as the human race kicks into high gear and a steady supply of caring, giving and rebuilding is available.  These organizations, individuals and events are the ripples that steadily touch the shores of our hearts time and time again.  They rally us to achieve the unselfish greatness of good each of us has inherited through the acts of kindness, valor and honor bestowed by our forefathers.  One of those organizations, ran by people just like you, is BLU Coffee and Whisper of Hope.

I've always felt it necessary to give back to the community through charity contributions and work.  Terri and I have several organizations we support with our talent and time.  It has blessed my family in countless ways.  At each event, I'm always in just awe at the driving forces behind scenes working daily to help others.  The power, dedication and conviction to live their lives focusing on building other's lives up is inspiring a chain reaction of kindness.  Thank you for letting us help.

I wanted to share a few from the fun, food and music hosted at Bedlam BBQ. I'm sure more images and candids will be available on BLU Coffee FaceBook Page and Whisper of Hope. You can also check out the Facebook Event Page. Please like and follow these amazing social kindness organizations.