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A head and shoulders photo is a web driven necessity of today's business world.  The right photo for the right social network, website or business article can create an invisible connection to the audience.  Getting the image to speak it's 1,000 words is more than just finding a guy (or gal) with a camera.  Your chosen professional needs to be creative with lighting, posing, backgrounds and ideas.

But that is just part of the overall image creation.  YOU play an important part of the direction of the session and can help the final product.  If you are a talented singer, you don't want a traditional banker head & shoulders portrait.  If you are a financial advisor, your snapshot in the front yard will not be the best choice.

Top Five "faux pas" to Avoid:

1 - Be sure of the intended audience and what the image needs to communicate.  You might need a traditional headshot as well as a environmental portrait for articles or social media.  Funny and corky images on your Facebook page are best not used on the corporate website header.

2 - Don't date yourself!  It's not your age, but your clothes.  Today's fashion will not be in style tomorrow.  It's ok to be hip, just be prepared to get an updated image about every six to eight months.  If you want that portrait to last longer and be timeless, stick to solids and more traditional business casual attire.  Oh wait... Don't forget a quick look at your hair.  Remember 80's big up do?

3 - The pose is all you.  Yes, we will help get you in an attractive stance, but you need to look confident and relaxed. Your attitude will be reflected in the final image.  If you are rushed, upset, forced, tired, bored, etc.  Just reschedule.  It's easier that a reshoot!

4 - Lighting can create drama.  If that's what you need or want.  Again, it's your responsibility to tell the photographer what you wish to communicate.  It's the photographer's responsibility to carry out your instructions and the light used can create different tones or moods.  A word of caution, the over use of "glamour glow" is a way to date the  images taken and of the person.  If you have to think too much about it... Don't do it!

5 - Make me look beautiful over editing.  Professional photographers know that the camera is unable to capture the image exactly as we need it or as it actually looked in real life.   In fact, cameras can only capture images in black & white and the color needs to be processed. This was specially true of film.  The resulting images delivered to clients are lightly edited, removing minor imperfections that will will not create the "non-you".  That's a term for the heavily skin edited, teeth dramatically white and eyes glistering like a cartoon.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


Trawick Images provide on location profile head shots as well as more casual images for social media networking.  We can bring the studio to you!  Refresh your online presence TODAY! Please email Robert to discuss your needs or your company needs.  Or call 405.620.5505  /  405.203.4668