GROOMS - Step it Up and Surprise a Bride2Be

Paul proposed with a tent full of friends during St. Patrick's Day party in Oklahoma City.  Even with me dodging her line of sight during the "right" song, Kristal had no clue.  Check out her reaction.

Paul proposed with a tent full of friends during St. Patrick's Day party in Oklahoma City.  Even with me dodging her line of sight during the "right" song, Kristal had no clue.  Check out her reaction.

I'm Talking to YOU

This post is aimed squarely at the boyfriends crossing the rainbow over to “fiancé” status.  I’m telling you to step it up when the proposal time comes along.  And you already know what I’m talking about since you are hanging around the internet looking for ideas, suggestions or the “right” time to pop the question.  Oh, my… I really hope you are not searching Pinterest for a way to make it more special for her.  Dude!  Your head will explode.  Resist the urge!

I was blessed to have a consultation meeting last night with a couple getting married in July.  The bride previously told me that the groom is quiet and reserved.  My first thought was “Here is another guy that knew the time was coming close to make his long-term intentions known OR he figured out its best to snag this girl quickly before any of his buddies noticed how wonderful she is”.  Surprise!  I was wrong, oh so wrong.  

So we get to the local question of “How did he propose?”.  This comes right after the “How did you two meet?” and “What do you both do for fun together?”.  No, I don’t have a script but I love to know about the couple’s personality, hobbies, passions, etc.  Grooms rarely get asked those questions, but the new Bride2Be will be asked plenty of times, even after the wedding.  So the story better be a good one.  Wait, no… a GREAT story!

The Groom Speaks!

We were a little surprised when the bride let the groom tell the story.  You know what… Let’s use their names, ‘cause I’m proud to know them and they should already know how I operate.  I’m not passing up a chance to share a great story.  So, Becca tells Cody to tell the story.  

“So I got this pink cheap tackle box and put the ring box inside.  Gave it to her at our favorite fishing hole…”  The story starts and Cody perks up with a twinkle in his eyes of love, caring and lots of “I’m Da Man!”  I was already drawn into the story picturing her moment of surprise at seeing this jewelry box in a mess of fishing lures, hooks, and accessories.  My emotions quickly turned to laughter when Cody explains how intrigued Becca was over the included fishing pliers!  “She kept talking about how cool these things are... " and in his mind thoughts are spinning. Did she NOT see the BOX?  Put the toys down and open the ring box!

Of course, she finally discovered the ring and said YES.  We laughed so hard that I’m positive everyone around us in the coffee shop thought we lost our minds.  It was a story told with caring emotion filled with love, joy, and a surprise.  It’s the kind of story they will tell the grandkids to inspire them to “Step It Up” and every Bride2Be deserves a little surprise in life.

My Crazy Idea

Now comes this crazy idea, because if you follow me then you are expecting something in that direction.  We want to hear more proposal stories and we want to help every groom surprise their Bride2BE.  I want to have some inspiration from past grooms that have moved over the moon to the husband realm of relationships.  I want to be able to share those stories here so if you are thinking of popping that special question to your gal, YOU will have a great story to tell.

Here is your chance to shine.  Tell us your story of what happened or, better yet, your plans to ask her.  Don’t leave out any details!  We will share them on our blog for others to draw proposal ideas.  Click the button below to get started.

We want to help grooms succeed in the quest to recreate “The Great Story” that Trawick Images will shoot your proposal for FREE.  No strings attached.  No contract, no crazy hoops to jump through. Not going to try and sell you anything later.  I will gift you the digital files. If we are available during your proposal event, we will “sneak” around and capture it for FREE.  Seriously.  

One last thing, if you are wondering about the pics on this post of Paul's proposal to Kristal, we will have their great story posted very soon.  We have so many wonderful past proposals and look forward to sharing ideas with you so you can “Step It Up!”