Live, Ride, Think... Repeat in 2020

The last few weeks have been filled with appointments, shooting assignments, travel and one of my top five highlights of the year, Bedford Camera PhotoCon. I say “Top Five” since the order of likable events of the year are largest based on the success of each but only accessed after it’s passed. I can say without hesitation that PhotoCon 2019 was a huge success.

I am a little biased over PhotoCon because it fell this year on my birthday, March 30th. No just my special day, but also two of my incredibly talented friends, Jim Felder and Alexandra Dugan. The folks over at the Oklahoma City store were able to sneak in a large sheet cake during the Pep Rally on Saturday and sing us “Happy Birthday”. So you can understand, that alone helps push the weekend activities to quickly be a on the top of the list.

If you follow my antics, you are probably aware that on my birthday or close to that date, I take a personal day. The day blocked off and buffered from calls, meetings or shoots and more often than not involves a very long motorcycle ride. Today was no different in that approach and today I tried a little change. I took no camera with me, turned my phone off and went “old school” just following small state highway signs to all parts northwest Oklahoma. All spending time and miles with myself.

There is a wide range of thoughts that plaque the mind after the first 40 or so miles of excitement back on the BMW R1100. When you can’t fix anything, call anyone, edit any images… the stress is released with every miles that clicks the odometer. You can’t outrun problems, but you can put some distance between you and them with a few calculated twists of the throttle. It gives me time to process, regroup and make a plan. The time also allows me to realize my blessings and mentally thank everyone that supports me. It’s not just family and friends, but also clients that believe in me to capture those special moments of their lives.

My little pearls of wisdom imparted from the long journey to nowhere of beautiful northwest Oklahoma are simple, relatable and indicative of my current state of mind.  I’m sharing in hopes that you take your trip soon and discovery your own truths.

Whatever you are… There you are.

No matter where you come from or where you thing you are going, the place you are right now is based on everything in the past.  The good and bad decisions, the moments of strength and seconds of failure, the highs and lows of life.  All of those have put you in this place.  If you are not liking this place, work to change the reasons.  It’s not going to be overnight, it will take time.

Do more for others.

There is great joy helping those around you.  I feel that as I age, the wisdom of activity helping others succeed  will ultimately help my success.  Teach someone else to love your craft and lift their spirits will help everyone.  I’m positive that you were helped and the best way to return the favor is to pay in forward.  A famous photographer, James Pratt, told me once during an interview on FotoFacts Podcast: “High tide floats all boats”. 

Things don’t make the person

We all get caught up in buying frenzy to have the latest and greatest tech or fashion.  You shouldn’t place your value in something that can be purchased.  Having a newer camera doesn’t make you a better photographer just like buying a race car will not make you a better driver.  Invest in what things you need, but spend your energy practicing and improving your passion.

Move more

I’m still working on this important part of life.  I seem to be moving a lot lately, but I need to work on moving more in the exercise mode.  Aging sucks the life out of you mainly because my bodies fail to perform.  Everyone sees our exterior but no one really knows how young you feel inside.  Move more and look younger, and healthier, on the outside.

Choose Happy

This one is a little tongue in cheek humor, but happy people choose to be happy.  Despite all odds, I have meet and photographed people around the world with reasons to be at odds with the divine, yet those same people are filled with happiness and sunshine.  Remember, you can’t choose your problems, but you can choose your attitude.

Which brings me to an interesting point, If I didn’t take any photos of the trip, did it really happen?

Yes, I wore a helmet this trip because the wind was CRAZY!

Yes, I wore a helmet this trip because the wind was CRAZY!

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