Midlife Crisis Passion - Fujifilm Photographer

Good Morning People!

It’s a beautiful day and the promises of love fulfilled with another wonderful wedding is pushing me forward through my coffee addiction. I’m sure you all know how much I love coffee.

The title doesn’t explain the recent direction change in my life, passion and photography, so let me try to explain a little better. I’m not changing anything fundamentally about my life… so my photography, love for coffee and pushing life’s zest are not changing.

In case you missed the “Video that No One Noticed”, I’m switching to FujiFilm cameras. This has been in the mix for about four years since “someone” gifted me a X100 to carry on motorcycle road trips. Later I realized that it originally belonged to my talented photographer friend, Leia Smethurst. Talk about a gift that keeps giving, the little camera is still a valuable part of my collection.

I’ve been actively using the new system for over a month exclusively for work and personal projects. There is a large learning curve, mainly with menu term differences and the daily disbelief this smaller camera frame will get the job done to my standards. I’ve have more than a few issues with relearning how the TTL flash system functions and understanding the built-in tone curve adjustments. However, in moving to a compact, lighter and faster camera system inherent with mirrorless bodies, I’ve been over the moon in love with Fujifilm’s technology.

The next transition will be diving into more fashion and creative exposure projects, as well as, increasing my education circuit portfolio. I’ve created a new website - still in progress - to showcase those moving forward - Fujifilm Photographer. Most of theses ideas congealed during Bedford Camera PhotoExpo in Memphis, Tennessee, where I was teaching a class and leading a photowalk on world famous Beale Street.

You know that these types of radical changes are never done alone even if it seems that way. I must thank Jessica and the fabulous staff at Bedford Camera & Video for all their support, Jackie from Fujifilm USA for always encouraging me to look deeper into their line, Leia for leading the way into full-time shooting with Fujifilm, my darling talented photographer wife Terri for always supporting my crazy ideas and my Voxer tribe “Royal Flush” for pushing me forward.

See you on the other side of Fujifilm happiness rainbow!

Special Thanks! to Jamie from Photoville for always capturing my “best” side in BTS pics