My 5 "C"s of 2017

The month of December is always a bit crazy but I work creating a direction for the new year that hopefully will improve me personally and in business. Last year was the "P" year and honestly I didn't '"prepare" as much as needed for the roller coaster ride of 2016 and didn't push the envelope in the "peace", "punctual" or "physical" areas. It still was better than 2015, but much improvement is still needed as I firmly believe we should never stop learning, pushing and growing.

This year, I decided that I would share my vision plan with everyone. It's not a business plan or a marketing plan, but a simple guide to help me make better decisions for 2017.  I'm passing along this information that others may find useful or give pause for thought and announce my "plans" for you to hold me accountable. If you see me failing in a "C" area, call me out. I promise you the growth expected will outweigh the embarrassment of you holding my feet to the fire. Then again, if you have a brilliant idea of another "C" category, please drop me an email or comment below.  Of course, you can see that this post already addresses one the "C" on my list.  So I am ahead, before I begin. LOL

I have a long list of tasks to accomplish for the new year and I know many will not get a check mark. But if you aim for the moon and miss... you will still land amongst the stars!

And yes, I'm at Clarity Coffee... which I should add as another "C" on my list.   Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Wishing you the best for the holidays and a fabulous New Year! 


The Five "C"s of 2017


Present a good image.  Dress well. Be appropriate to the gig or event.  It's ok to be funny or even poke fun at yourself, but there is a fine line between "cute" and "clown".  I'm rolling in the healthy (or healthier) lifestyle in the "cute" factor here.  It's part of the image.


Being cool is different to many people, but it's basically maintaining stability, maturity and being interesting.  No one likes to be around a hothead, a negative person, or a drama queen.  Be the person others talk about and admire, so people will want to work with you.


Create interesting content for 2017 through images, creative blog posts and great social media.  Be the expert.  Give everyone a reason to return to your website weekly, to follow your adventures and admire your work.  If you don't remind the world of your existence, passion and business, then you will not matter and people will choose another creative for the project.


Everyone can put on the right attitude for a short time but only the best people turn it into a habit.  Strive to be the best you can be, not what others expect you to be. Be consistently unique in all that you do so people know what quality to expect from you - always.


You are not alone.  You were not born a photographer - you learned, you experienced and you practiced.  You are part of an industry, a community, a tribe of creatives that strive for the ultimate goal of personal success.  Be helpful, caring and in touch with those around you.  Be a leader and lose the victim mentality.  We are only successful with the help of others.