I LOVE fall and I Love our "dates"

For any of you who know me.... you know my life is ..... well in a word... INSANE....  I have 3 daughters, 11,13 and 18 and full time job, am married to a photographer who truly is the love of my life and together we run two yep two photography business.  I can not ever seem to find the time to do anything much less everything that I need to get done.  I truly just need to clone my self a couple of times and then I might be able to get some stuff marked off my to do list. (It is way longer than Santa's naughty or nice list).   Anyway, We decided my husband should quit is job and go full time well with that, we also decided, we needed to purge our lives from the clutter and get rid of our 2... yes 2 storage units.  So in the last three weeks I have had 2 garage sales, (still didn't get rid of all the junk yet... lol) approximately 14 cheer practices, one daughter with Mono... oh and strep.... 2 trips to the ER and 3 trips to the urgent care.... 8 therapy appointments for a cheerleadering accident.... and I could just keep going on and on and on.....Yep see INSANE... Well, today I took a break... everything in me told me I should be at home emailing clients or working on this blog post etc.  But, my husband..... I am so blessed to be his wife.... took me on a date....  

Please understand when you are a Photographer and married to one.... dates are a excuse to go hang out together with your bff and shoot for fun, oh an we usually call it scouting........ I didn't want to go but he made me.  I have to tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart because it was so incredibly beautiful outside and I did not realize how much I needed to relax a bit.   See that's him....

As I said the colors were beautiful and weather amazing....  and my sensor was very dirty..

I Love Fall

On occasion, just like everyone else, I start feeling a bit sorry for my self.... and then I think about a very dear friend of mine... she is more than a friend... she is family!  I have a few years on me and have earned the wrinkles in my forehead, went to college (for ever) studied over seas, seen Venice, London and Paris, had children, laughed until I wet myself and cried so much I ran out of tears.   I have lived.....My dear friend is at the beginning of her life adventure  and suffering from some serious health issues.... she has reminds me everyday that its not the big milestones that are important its the small details that make life worth it.  The first first time he held my hand.  The first time she called him dad.... the first time.... the details.... this one is for you kiddo!

EW Couture Blog Board Collages - Brush Strokes Collection
Fall train

We ended at Sara Sara and boy was I hungry..... btw trains are loud....

Oh and we stopped downtown for a bit.... I don't what band this bus belongs to but you must be cool cuz you had groupies waiting on you.... Me.... your bus made me smile!


Its late and I bet there are a ton of mistakes, mispellings.... and what ever...frankly my day of fun has worn me out and I am off to sleep...

Stay tuned there are some amazing things coming!