Brooke's Brick Session

I know that I'm WAY behind on blogging. But I have a small excuse... I had the flu last week and was confined to the couch for 7 days!  But I'm feeling better and getting back in the swing of things. This evening was a blast shooting Brooke and hanging with her mom (Lisa) and her grandmother (Ann).  Great people that kept me laughing and on my toes the whole time. And a special thanks to my two VALs for the session, Brian & Terri.. that scared me half to death by switching memory cards halfway through the shoot.  Afterwards, I stopped for my usual after-shoot coffee shot, and thought I lost many great images.  Not to worry, I've been around photo for a looooooonnnnng time, so when you lest expect it.. BAM!  Revenge is sweeter amongst friends!

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session.  I posted the same to facebook, and hope to more up later after Brooke selects her "can't live without" images...probably of her new car!