Down a Country Road {Kevin+Bryttney}

If you pressed me for an one word description of this couple it would be "eloquent".  Kevin & Bryttney don't really talk that much, so that's not the reason.  I say that because during our session together, their whole bodies, eyes, lips, hands, etc. were so eloquent in saying "I love you".  The gently loving laughter, a quiet smile or a look that speaks volumes defines them.  Kevin and Bryttney love the outdoors and the country.  We spent a good portion of the time out in Red Rock Canyon State Park about an hour from our home in Mustang.  It was a wonderful day and we finished up with his "other love affair"... mine too... the truck! Kevin & Bryttney will be hitched this coming Friday at Festivities in El Reno.  It's sure to be a beautiful novel with a happy ending.


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