funny and flirty {Janson & Janice}

One of the joys I receive as a professional photographer is reliving the day's events through the editing process after the session.  I wanted to take a few minutes to make this post, so you can understand the joy I feel from some of the simple moments captured during our G2KU time. Janson and Janice are so loving and generous that you can't help but feel happy while around them.  They have a zest for life, and each other, that is rarely duplicated.  They are fun, flirty and fabulous!

During their G2KU session, a quick stop to Sara Sara Cupcakes was in order to relax and enjoy the sweets.  After sitting down, I spotted an awesome shot with his tidy jacketed arm with the white table and the dark chocolate cupcake color.  As I heard them giggling and "huuummm" over the sweets, I lined up my shot with camera in hand balancing a hot coffee mug.  As the shutter clicked, the mirror blacks out the viewfinder for a split second... this image emerged on my preview screen.  Being a little disappointed that I missed the shot, my cupcake was the next thing on my mind and a few images of them together enjoying the quiet sweet moment.

While culling the images for editing, seeing the image below full screen overwhelmed me and *almost* made me tear up.  THIS was a beautiful image of Janice's playful personality!  Imagine how quick she must be to beat my athletic shutter finger or beat Janson's blocking fork move. LOL

I love photographing people, the moments of joy and the quiet thoughts of love.  I'm planning on crying during their ceremony.  Tune in later for more previews.

Between the mishaps of the daily grind, life happens... Each moment more precious than the last!