Lenny Smiles {Daylan's Fashion Session}


These last few days have been pretty crazy shooting and editing sessions while preparing for guest speaker engagements as well as the holiday season.  Before I jump the gun here, there is still sessions that need to be post processed and we will get those teasers online very soon. Right after our sessions, no matter the time of day or night, we backup all the images to safe guard against loss or corruptions of digital media.  As the images are running across the screen during import, preview rendering or upload to the cloud, sometimes you eye just catches that special shot.  Of course, during the shoot, we knew there was something special happening, but you never see the image the moment it's taken since the mirror is up and blocking your view.  I was told once (actually twice) by a sport photographer back in the film days... "You will never see if you got the shot until you process the film".  He was very right.  And looking on the back of a camera designed to preview an image, not show you a final product, it's still the same principle.

This is Lenny.  The horse, not the girl.  No, she's not a model (yet) but really should be.  Here name is Daylan.  I'm known her for a good long while.  I first photographed her on set of the Bloom movie produced and filmed by our good friend Diane.  Here is the awesome image of her, that I routinely use in my lighting classes as an example of good fortune with light.

Ok, back to Lenny.  He was being, well, a horse during the session and after an outfit change and all tacked up, Daylan walked him in a circle a few times to get into position.  They both stopped on the mark, looked my direction and SMILED!  Yes, both of them.  OMG!  That was an amazing trick.  I snapped two shots and the smile was gone.  I wanted to share the rare moment then chance and preparation meet to create SMAGIC.  I learned this from the talented and creative force Chad Lunsford at Six One Six Studios.  It's a combination of science and magic and creates a unique "something" that can't be explained or repeated.  It just is.

Enjoy this moment of laughter, enhancement and joy with the beautiful Daylan and her equestrian partner, Happy Lenny.