Nick in Automotive Alley

Been a very busy month, and I just noticed that my last post was about a month ago.  I really need to do better posting our sessions, but sometimes (ok, LOTS of time) life just seems to take over and time becomes short.  But I'm sure everyone is guilty of that... LOL. While we earn our living primarily from fashion wedding photography, we are called upon for many other types of sessions.  One of the funnest things to do are senior sessions.  We work hard to bring our style of timeless, fun and flirty imagery to any type of session, but sometimes, just sometimes.. it's about the client.  Not really, it's always about the client.  That's this session with Nick.

Nick didn't work his photo taken and was pretty nervous about the whole deal.  I've known his family for quite a while and they are, in deed, a jovial bunch.  Laughter is always abundant in their house.  But as we shot, I noticed that Nick really favored the strong, silent type often seen in the movies.  You know, the hero that saves the day and then tips his hat to the lady with a "It's nothing, ma'am".

Nick has come a long way, like many other peers, from the oddities of being a teenager to gracefully becoming a young, strong man.  I think we did a great job of showing his family the man he is meant to be, not the boy he used to be.

Enjoy a few from our session.