Taylor in the Wild

This evening we had a wonderful time with Taylor shooting her outside session. Being that she is Miss Photogenic for Yukon Hugh School, we opted for the classic backdrop of Yukon America. There are so many awesome places to shoot in the area, that we are considering a split fashion session between Bricktown and Yukon for next year's seniors. As we worked through the town, Taylor's mom (Natalie) ran off and brought back dinner from Bad Brad's BBQ. It's been a long time since I've had a smoked bologna sandwich, fries and a Dew "al fresco". A note from the crew... Natalie "YOU ROCK!"

Before we could get to our last location, Taylor convinced her dad to meet us at the hanger for a shoot. WOW! We are impressed! The power of a daughter is unlimited! After a quick drive, we finished the session with an OHP helicopter as a prop and traded stories with her father, the pilot. Here are a few favorites.. Enjoy!