Riding Wet {Frogg Rain Gear}

The weather in Oklahoma can be crazy with wild changes daily, but one obstacle can be devastating to a good day's ride.  Yes, I'm talking about the life giving RAIN.  It relaxes me, feeds our crops and normally a great day to stay home to watch old B/W movies.  Then again, it's a hard ride home (or to the studio) getting hammered by rain drops cruising at highway speeds. My old rain gear purchased about ten years from Aerostich is (was) awesome.  Keep me dry on many rides through Europe and the western United States.  I finally meet it's match on the exhaust of the new bike and I have a huge hole on inside right leg.  And since I lost the top jackets some time ago during moving, I new rain suit was in order.

I checked with some motorcycle communities, mainly Kawasaki Vulcan forums, and found an inexpensive but durable suit that would just stay in the saddle bags.  I found my suit at Walmart in the camping section and so far it has been awesome.  It's a very lightweight material that packs small and best of all, it was very inexpensive.  Even if it only makes it though a season or two of wet Oklahoma weather, it will be worth it.

I'm not sure that it's very stylish and I get purchase the XXL version to easily fit over bulky riding gear.  Here I am sporting the new Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit and a shot of the small pouch I was able to cram it back into after the skies parted.

I just checked the weather while writing this post, and I get to use it again this Saturday.  Yeah!  OK, that was a little sarcastic.  Just saying.  Let's hope for good weather for the Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk in two weeks!  Enjoy the Day!