The New Ride

The new ride is home after a long ride home on the backroads from Crescent to Mustang.  I probably should mention that I'm recovering from a lower back procedure.  So this was not the smartest plan or idea, Terri and I could have made, but I was so excited to have a bike again.

Basically, drove to Crescent and met with Bruce.  The bike had been sitting for two years under the side of his barn.  Yes, Bruce is a farmer and heck of a nice guy.  He jumped the battery to get the Vulcan running for a test ride.  Just imagine, the bike has not been on the road in 2 years - bad gas, low battery, rotten tires and me without helmet on after surgery pain meds.  And wait for it... I really have not ridden in over 10 years!  This is looking like a bad combination, but someone was watching over us.

The test ride was great for about 2 miles and the bike died.  Yeah, the battery was toast and would need to be replaced.  We jumped it and let it charger enough to get back to the farm.  The bike needed some minor work, new battery, new tires, brakes, fluid change, windshield replacement... but she fit just right and with less than 16,000 miles on a 1997 model, she was not even broke in yet.

After a quick trip to Guthrie for a new battery at AutoZone and adding a healthy amount of gas treatment into the 4 gal tank, we were heading back home to Mustang.  The ride was fun, long, scary, dangerous, crazy... many things could have gone wrong.

We made it home safety and even managed to move a few shelves in the garage to park her inside.