Awesome iPad App & Follow Me List!

I received my lovely iPad on Father's Day from my wonderful family and I can say that it has replaced my MacBook Pro. No, it's not the powerhouse photo editor my laptop was, and then again, I didn't really edit on location and just used the enormous hard drive as a backup source. My iPad is a lighter, instant on, sexy connection to the outside world and a constant companion for checking email, appointment scheduling and blogging tool. My two favorite apps, that really enhance the functionality of this business weapon, are The Early Edition and FlipBoard.

The first is a RSS reader that automatically gathers my feeds in one place and displays them as a newspaper format.  It allows you to preview each feed article and click for full story or click to the website link.  While my coffee is brewing, this app gets running downloading and updating stories for my morning read.  I can catch up quickly on industry leaders, new photo tech and stalk a few fellow shooters.

FlipBoard is a personalized social magazine while I can review Facebook post and Twitter content with the flick of my finger.  Here is a great little video describing this awesome, yet simple app.  It updates as your friends update, so you are always linked to them.  There is even some in news content sources built right in.

If you don't have an iPad, these also work on the iPhone and then you can always use your computer to get RSS feeds as well.  A simple Google search will find quite a few of readers to load and play with.

Now that we have a way to elegantly display our news and friend update information, we need some people and places to stalk.  These can be photographers we admire, sites for news, tech updates, rumor control, etc.  Here is a simplified list of who and what I follow to get you started.

DelSol Photography, f8 Studio, Kuperberg Weddings, Brian Dorsey Studios, Ross Benton Studios, FlashFlavor, David Hobby's Strobist Site, TriCoast Photography, Joe McNally, Nikon Rumors, Professional Photographer's of America, DIY Photography, Photopreneur, PDN News, Baker Photo & Video

I've excluded local photographers I follow, because you probably already follow them and I'm not wanting to show favoritism.  It's easy to search for those, just Google Oklahoma Wedding Photographers or something along those lines.

I hope these help inspire you, help you with ideas and keep you updated in the industry.  If you have any RSS feeds you like, please share them as comments to this post for everyone to see.

Happy Shooting!