Back Online!

My blog has been out of commission for a little while and I took some much needed time off, so the posts on here are not very current.  Of course, many of you follow me on Twitter and Facebook and realize that even though I'm relaxing... well, I'm still shooting! Today, I worked through all the big problems on the blog, updated and changed things around.  I plan to get to the main website soon, but after three hours of a "quick 20 minutes" upgrade process, I really need to take a break from the computer.  I'm sure you can understand.

But the main reason for this post is to remember all the smiles I had a chance to be a part of.  I ran across a post from August 2009 of a quick slide show for a vendor table at Alfred Angelo's "Girl's Night Out".  I wanted to share it again with you.  It doesn't include all the weddings from the season, but it's always a blast to relive the smiles, laugher and joy of the moment.

Looking forward to more joy in 2010!