Still working on the website. I having a few more problems than expected. Of course, all my friends tell me to just get a professional web designer to do the work right. And I know this... hire a professional to do a professional job. Seems simple, but very true. Along these lines, my business model has changed for the future. I am not a "shoot to burn" photographer. I will document a life event and have the client select images to be printed at Pictage, a professional lab in California. I truly want your life's moments to shine for many years to come in your mind, heart and your print.
A friend of mine recently stated that "if you brought me the most expensive and best professional powertools, I still could not build my dream house." Without training, expensive professional equipment is just expensive paperweights. Hire a pro and save your time for someone you care about.
As for the website... I really want to do it myself to expand my skills, so please be patient with me.
Thanks for stopping by.....

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