Fall is here!

This weekend was the time change and our record earthquake in Oklahoma!  How is that for a great start for the season of color.  Fall officially started much earlier. September 23, but the unusually warm weather was great for outdoor activities but not for the leaves turning color.  Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, and I think both Terri and my favorite. Today was the only break we have for another 5 weekends.  Terri and I managed another garage sale, but are still in the process of cleaning out the garage and attic of unnecessary things.  We are both amazed on the shear amount of "stuff" you can accumulate over the years.  Little by little, we are making a dent in the storage box situation.

So, with a "free" day on a beautiful Sunday, what do two photographers do? Scout locations!  Yes, in deed, one of our favorite activities is scouting the city and countryside for new and unusual locations for our client sessions.  In fact, I'm planning on some mini sessions for holiday cards and ran across three locations that really knocked our socks off!  One of the highly sought after qualities of a great location is little use from other photographers.  We don't hide our locations and don't have any secrets.  If someone asks us, we tell the exact location.  We don't feel that great photography is linked to a location, but to the light and background of a location. But it's always wonderful to discover new places that no one has used before.  There are so many other interesting urban places around the OKC metro area besides Bricktown.  We love the area, but it's getting to the point that we can't walk thirty feet without bumping into another photographer's session.  I even heard of a photographer camped out at a doorway, setup for mini sessions actually blocking use of the sidewalk and garage door!  LOL

Terri and I spend about 12 hours each season on two or three different days scouting locations to match our clients styles, desires or ambiance for a session.  We really enjoy spending quality time together just test shooting the light at these locations and brain storming visual projects, both personal & business, that keep us motivated.  Today was no different.  We even scored some cupcakes and coffee at SaraSara Cupcakes, which opened a new location in Edmond.  Sounds like another scouting trip!

If you are interested in learning more about our family mini-sessions, please email us info@audaciousimages.com/trawickimages

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Happy Shooting!