Found Negatives

While cleaning the office on Monday, I ran across some old negatives and slides stuffed amongst some military papers and folders. Most of these were destined for the attic to make room for 2008. In these old images, I ran across the little girl I wanted to adopt in Slovenia. I was traveling with the Red Cross to orphanages for war victims, basically children.
This little girl was so shy, while all the other kids literally fought for candy, toys and clothes being delivered. These children had not seen candy or sweets for months, much less any toys that were not broken. As she stood alone at the edge of the commotion, I could sense the loneliness and despair of losing one's entire family. I offered her a cupcake and we become inseparable for the rest of my visit. She was one of hundreds of minors without a home, family, or a place to go. Almost 14 years later, I still wonder where and what happen to the little shy girl who stole my heart.