Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset

Every year, each professional photographer chooses ways to invest in the most valuable asset of any business.  YOU!  Picking the right venue, classes, books, seminars, etc. are a great way to kick start the new year and revolutionize your creative flow and business principles.  This year, Terri and I choose to attend classes at ImagingUSA, the Professional Photographers of America convention in San Antonio, Texas. Our workshop schedule is intense but we will still have time to socialize and rekindle past relationships with photographers we respect.  While many consider these trips a vacation, I can assure you they are not, even though the downtime over dinner and drinks with fellow shooters will be great.  We do this because of our passion.  The passion to be better this coming year than last, the passion to share our experiences with others, the passion to serve our clients better.  We want to invest time, energy and money into our craft building.

We hope to come back with more energy, more creative and more projects!  We look forward to sharing those with you and raising the bar for ourselves and others around us.  Will that last part in mind, we have created a new blog geared towards increasing business awareness for new aspiring photographers in the area.  Check it out and check back often for updates!  Dare2Share Blog