Monday Morning Reflection

It's another Monday morning and I'm at the dinner table helping the girls get breakfast, get ready and get out on time for school. Coffee in hand, I wanted to share some of my life with the world through my blog, so here is the first of many blog posts... I hope.This morning I awoke grateful for the family and friends in my life, as the girls flitter about the house in a mad rush, I'm gently reminded that no one really exists alone. Each of us have a circle of those that touch our lives daily, deeply and consistently; gentle reminders of bountiful love, joy and laughter. Well, probably not that much joy and laughter this early on a school day. LOL! It helps heal the broken heart, busted soul and tired body to feel loved, needed and wanted daily by your family and friends. Days like today amaze me that, after all my wrongs, misfortunes and sins, I am worthy of love and I have value to the world. Either that or God have not fulfilled his mission through me yet! I'm fortunate to have created a name sake in my craft of photography, that others seek me out to create images of their most personal, joyful and intimate moments. Last night during a conference call with a wonderful couple from St. Charles, MO, I could feel the excited of the wedding plans over the phone. Love is a beautiful and delicate thing! I'm so honored to be ask to share their special day on film. It's going to be an awesome wedding! So if you woke up wondering about your life, missing joy and laughter... Just stop, look around and you can find it. Remember that each of us is a small part of a bigger circle and everyone is important.

Happy Shooting!