New Bricktown Office!

I've always wondered about the number of people following my blog. Seriously, I must have MANY spam or useless subscribers just based on the weird email addresses. I probably need to do a mass email and see how many bounce! LOL. In a small tactical move to find who is really following the blog and/or cares about the success of Trawick Images, I am announcing here first our BIG news. From the title of the post, I'm sure you can guess the surprise. Trawick Images, Inc has acquired space in the historic Mercantile Building in the wonderful Bricktown area of Oklahoma City. While it's a small space for meeting clients, mentoring photographers or just getting away from the house for a few hours, Terri and I have a place to hang our shingle finally. We have looked at many different locations, but wanted to stay in the downtown area, since many of our shooting locations are in the area, as well as many of our friends and supporters. Speaking of supporters, Gene from CocoFlow has been amazing helping us build brand marketing and allowing us to meet clients and hosting this year's Worldwide PhotoWalk. And now, we will be in the same building as CocoFlow and hope to continue our successful networking and friendship. Our new address is 100 East Main St, Suite 207, OKC, OK 73104. Phone number will be the same.

It will be a few weeks while we work to remodel and setup and we will update you as soon as possible. Now who is following the blog? Drop a comment or two... and you will get an invite to Opening Night!