Pardon Our Mess

I'm so bad about keeping up with blog posts, even though my Klout score is above 60 points for social media.  Each year I really do want to do better, but just seem to post a few teasers to Facebook, Instagram or Flickr for others to share.  Seems like most people prefer those social networks or maybe it's the mobile versions of these site for the fast moving lifestyle.  Funny, that last part sounds like a another way to say "the Human Race". As you can see, I'm reworking our site to make it easier to follow our passion for photography and life.  We even worked a lightweight mobile version.  So I'll make a deal with you... Stop by and visit me occasionally, drop me a comment or two and I will try harder to keep the information coming.  I hope you don't mind if I a share some of my personal life that's always full of humor.

See you around the bend, it's going to be fun.

Hugs ~ Rob