Passion for Photography

I can't believe that am at the computer for the second day in a row for a blog post.  Specially since my alarm didn't go off and everyone overslept.  It was a mad rush to get everyone out the door as quickly as possible and delivered to school.  I'm sure you know those types of mornings.  But I'm still going to work at this post, for those that are following me. In case you didn't know, I also work at Baker Photo & Video as counter person, large format master printer and the general "know it all".  Here is a hint.. Nathan knows more that I do about PhotoShop!  So call him and you can tell him I said so. LOL

I get a constant stream of the same question, "When are you leaving Baker Photo and going full-time?"  I have to tell you that my wedding photography is full-time!  So I'm basically working to jobs.  The answer is always the same, "Never!"

I have a passion for photography.  It's not bragging, it's just the truth.  I would rather be doing anything photographic related that anything else imaginable.  It's not something that is taught, learned, earned, etc.  You just have it or you don't.  On the other hand, being passionate about photography alone will not make you a great photographer.  I know plenty of folks in the field that are great photographers that earn well, but would love to retire on the beach and fish all day, never to take another wedding image.

On that note, working at a camera store gives me time to help others discover passionate photography, stay current with industry trends, meet exciting newcomers to the field and overall help the local market with a positive and professional attitude. I probably should mention, that the staff at work are my family.  Yes, I used the "f" word.  We have been together for a while now, long enough to help each other through difficult times and know that we are dependable.  We have a bond by choice, which is alway stronger that the bond by blood.

So with all these random thoughts spilling on the page I can leave you with this.  Find your passion.  No matter where it may lay.  You will find peace.

Passion will not guarantee money or success... Only a chance at happiness

Happy Shooting!

One last note.  If you have a passion for photography, but feel "burned out" because of the extra tasks, requirements or duties related to a business... Read this book!  "The Fast Track Photographer" by Dane Sanders.  It will help you see the bright future and inform you about "Franz".  Enjoy!