Still Alive!

Hello and Welcome!

It's been a long time still we posted anything on the blog, but don't worry we are still alive, shooting and very busy!

Terri and I are currently transitioning our client management system to a new product.  It will be awesome for our clients to have access to a portal while they can update, check status, sign contacts, make payments, etc. anytime.  It will give Trawick Images, Inc and Audacious Photography a single place for managing our shoots, client information, locations, vendors, referrals, etc.  We are very excited about the change, but are really hating the mess during the switch over.  Please be patient with us.

On the other side of our business, Terri and I are actively pursuing our Professional Photographers of America certification and working towards our degrees, in hopes of helping another photographers succeed in technical expertise.  We believe in mentoring others and helping the industry change in positive ways that benefit the shooters and the client.  The PPA approved our SuperMonday workshop, even though our class is on Sunday, on October 23, 2011.

On a personal note, I have quit smoking!  I've quit several times in my life and been smoking this stretch since 2001.  I really enjoy it, even though I'm addicted to the nicotine and the habit, but it was time to get in shape and be a better example for my three girls.  So, YEAH me! It's been one week and my body has been fighting back the whole way. LOL.  The Chantix is keeping me up at night, but it has really helped with the physical addition.  So keep me in your prayers.  I really need to kick the butt!

Thanks again for following us and hope to get some older wedding post online soon so you can enjoy the amazing people, locations and love we experienced in the last months.

Hugs to All ~ Rob