The Big Show

OK folks, this was a blast! I was asked by the host of the show, Gene Rohden to be a guest on "High Instability". We talked about digital cameras, some night photography and lots of weather stuff that I had no idea about. As Chuck gave his two minute segment, I was dumbfounded by the depth of his knowledge without (me) having a clue of the words coming out of his mouth! And after I showed my ignorance or lack of caring of weather prediction probability accuracy, the show ran late! Maybe I can get another 15 minutes of fame and tackle some tuff photography questions? Call or email Gene and ask for the return of Robert! Really, these three guys are brainiacs, I was at a loss for words the majority of the time during the breaks. And I must say that RJ's new nickname is the "Energizer Bunny"... with minimum sleep, he keeps going and going and going. Here are a few shots of the crew. Let me add... to get the shot, it's important to have your camera. I carry mine everywhere. It would seem that storm chasers only pack when there is bad weather on the horizon. Needless to say... I have no pics of me... But I was there! I will post a link to the archived show soon. Thanks guys!