the Note

It's been a while since I've updated the blog and hoped to do it for the New Year's, but just didn't get to it.  There are so many things that we just don't get to and some that we just regard the decision we made.  Ever feel that way?  I had way too many times. But did you ever made a decision that turned out was the best one? You know, the right decision, the right time, the right person.  Wow!  I bet you felt great inside when the realization of that decision really hit home.  A few days ago I was remaindered by a previous client and friend of the joy of taking those right directions.  I was just cleaning out my inbox, both paper and electronic, ready to plan for next week's projects, meetings and family commitments when I almost deleted this conversation via text. The first part at night and the last part the next morning.  The names and places blurred to protect her.  It was sent to Terri and I as a group text message.


Terri and I never thought of our hands-on approach to weddings that we were considered a "stress-reducer".  Maybe it's a new marketing plan.  LOL  I never profess to being the world's best photographer, but to the twenty couples that choose me each year... I'm their best photographer.

Wishing you the joy of making right decisions every day.  Hugs ~ Rob