Boudoir Reps {Fall 2011}

We've had so much going on this week already that we haven't had a chance to post this!

What that means is HUGE goodies in the works for future Audacious ladies!

; )

So with out further ado....

There were 41.

That's right, FORTY ONE beautiful applicants!!

It took Terri and myself three hours of some serious deliberation to finally narrow it down, but....

So many of you graciously stepped forward to show the world what it means to be Audacious.

There are so many emotions that hit us with the unbelievable response!

We are honored, thrilled, excited, but mostly...


We're so proud to see SO many of you step up to bat and to stop being insecure about yourselves,

that is EXACTLY what we are all about here.

There were so many that we absolutely couldn't keep it down to three - we HAD to choose double what we intended!!

If you weren't selected this time around, please stay tuned! We'll be doing another set of reps before you know it!

If your name is listed above please check your email later this evening, we'll be sending you details and picking out time slots.

Thank you again to all the WONDERFUL ladies who applied, we just loved hearing your stories!


The Ladies of Audacious