Arkansas Wedding Trip

So, my good friend Brian says: "Can you help me on a wedding?" I replied: "Of course!" And then he drops the bomb on me... It's in Arkansas! After a few minutes of trying to figure out how to contain my excitement and not hug him too hard... I said: "Road Trip!" And just to be sure we could handle any problem, he convinced Terri to come out as well. Here are a few photos from the point 'n shoot from the trip. How much gear do we need? ALL OF IT!


This is what photographers do... after the OHP stops you for speeding! Luckly, I only got a warning...


Brian and I outside the wedding venue, Thorn Crown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Brian showing the couple some of the shots. We were trying to keep them involved in the windy, cold night! Very fun times!


OK.. so it's cold, windy and very dark... What's a group of photographers to do? Pull out 5 flashes and light the night! Terri is holding the "sun".


Tulips outside our hotel, The Crescent Hotel & Spa, were in full bloom despite the cold front that followed us from Oklahoma.


Brian and his lovely wife, Patti in downtown Eureka Springs. We did just a little shopping, but lots of coffee drinking!


Terri hooking up with one of the locals for the best shopping tips!