Bridal in San Antonio

Have you ever met someone and knew that a bond would develop? Have you ever falling in love with a client? Then you know how we feel about all all our clients, but specially Colter & Audrey. This is the couple that lives near San Antonio (TX), had a kicking wedding in Dodge City (KS) and chose us to shoot the ceremony. Remember? Well, we do!They travelled to Oklahoma City (OK) for the G2KU session, so it was awesome to be invited to do the bridal in San Antonio (TX). Did I already say "Awesome!? I did have a fellow photographer's help with locations and permits to shoot in the missions, the always amazing Ross Benton from Studio Benton. What we didn't plan on while setting the dates and getting locations setup was the San Antonio Marathon. So we have a few cool images waiting to cross the road with police escort. I guess a slow photographer with gear can get trampled by those crazy runners!

Here are a few sample images from a wonderful weekend and a 5am hair/makeup start time. Live Happy!