Bridal with Kristen | Living Princess

I'm always happy when brides ask for a fashion bridal session, and Kristen was no exception.  In fact, we were stoked at the locations chosen to compliment her personality and attitude.  Kristen is a living princess.  No, not in a bad way... LOL. Hey, it's her wedding.  Shouldn't she have it exactly the way she dreamed?  She is beautiful, elegant and coy about her "down to earth" demeanor. We were all excited about visiting the Overholser Mansion, but was not prepared for the wonderful interior that dated back to the turn of century.  This place is amazing!  Terri and I could have spent hours exploring all the hidden patches of light in so many rooms opulently decorated.  We are already planning several commercial fashion shoots for this coming fall.  Really this place ROCKS!

The outdoor location, Something Beautiful,  was incredible and we could not have imagined how cool shooting here was going to be.  How you would like more than a dozen artfully created "sets" arranged in a garden setting with no traffic in the background? That's right... no people, no cars, nothing!  It's a private venue and the owner's back yard.

Here are a few images from our time together.  Enjoy!