Channing & Lindsey - Summer Love

Well, it seems I'm on a little roll here with the blog posting.  I hope to keep it up, in fact, I plan to post less on Facebook and more here.  But, as busy as we get these days, who really knows! LOL I finished editing this wedding some time ago, but remembered that I didn't make them a little video slide show to share.  I'm behind on a few of them, but working my way to the top.

Channing and Lindsey are such an amazing couple.  Young, in love and full of hopes and joy with a bright future ahead.  Lindsey is my barista at CocoFlow, you have got to stop by there for a traditional italian caramel macchiatto and chocolate.  It's the best!  Tell Gene that Robert sent you and you might even get a free hug!  The staff is friendly and treats everyone like family.

We were so honored to have them ask us to photograph their wedding.  There was so much love in the air from family and friends that it was hard not to get swept up into it all and start singing.. or at least whistling!

The wedding was held in the Rose Garden at Will Rogers park and the reception at CocoFlow in Bricktown.  And the grooms cake was a soccer field!  It was funny watching them try and hit each other's mouth with the little soccer balls.  Trust me that we all laughed hard when they both missed!

Here is a highlight video and a few images from the special day that brought us all so much joy... A couple in love, in the summer, in the midst of family and friends' joy!

Refresh your browser if the video doesn't pop up right away...