Czech Hall Dance - Matt & Heather

Lora is a talented, creative and successful children photographer... something that I'm not.  BUT, I know my way around a wedding venue and when she requested shooting help from the Red Dirt Photo Coalition, I was all too happy to jump in with both feet.  Lora told me the reception was being held at Czech Hall, I immediately knew lots of dancing would be involved.  I was right!  Of course, with four photographers roaming the area, you are bound to bump into each other several times.  Brian and I decided to play with some remote flashes outside for creative, dramatic lighting... The last image is the culmination of 20 minutes of brain power, 10 minutes of button pushing and 5 minutes of "I can't see... I was staring into the flash while you tested it!" Funny times, awesome results.  Enjoy! M&H-001M&H-002M&H-003M&H-004M&H-005M&H-006M&H-007M&H-008