Fast, Hot and ... Windy?

I wanted a funny title to catch your attention.. Did it?  Well, despite the gail force wind and overcast day, we ventured out into an area so far away that they have sunshine piped in!  Someone must have forgot to pay for the bill, 'cause we didn't see a streak of blue in the sky. BUT... we did catch a glimpse of Brad's hot Camaro!  WOW!  The machine screams!  Brad and Sabrina plan to take the Camaro from the wedding venue to the reception, so we practiced today shooting with her veil flying out the window.  Everyone had a blast, even when Brad ran out of gas.. I'm serious... He ran out of gas!  I can't fault him though, with over 700 HP the car probably gets 5 mpg or less. Not a daily driver for sure.  Here are a few images from the session.  Enjoy! sabrinabrad_2009081_022-editsabrinabrad_2009081_089sabrinabrad_2009081_117sabrinabrad_2009081_278-edit-2sabrinabrad_2009081_337sabrinabrad_2009081_376sabrinabrad_2009081_475-editsabrinabrad_2009081_515-edit