John & Lindsay at the Castle

Yes, I know... this post is a little late, but they are so many great moments that it was hard to pick just a few to capture the moments of this beautiful day.  I really want to thank John for * almost * making me cry... His hand scribed vows were so touching, real and overwhelmingly sincere that few dry faces were present during the ceremony. The weather broke just in time, as a small gift of love from above to shower the lovely couple with warmth and keep the umbrellas at bay.  In fact, as we finished shooting near the Skirvin Hotel, a few rain drops fell signaling our time to part.  Of course, by this time, John and Lindsay were probably more than ready to drop their entourage for more private moments together.

We had an absolute grand time and loved the welcome received by their family and friends.  Remember your vows in life and to each other.. Semper Fidelis...Always Faithful.

I look forward to many years of friendship, tender moments and photographs!  Thanks for inviting us to the party!