Mike & Stephanie in St. Charles, MO

What can we say about Mike & Stephanie?  Only one word comes to mind quickly... AWESOME!  I use that word a bit too much, but these guys really rock.  We were very fortunate to be referred by my fellow photographer from Kansas City and just happen to be heading that way for another session the following weekend.  It was like kismet! We had some a great time during our first meeting.  Terri & I are so happy they picked us. But wait, it gets better... Mike and Stephanie reside in Kansas, but grew up and had the wedding in St. Charles, MO.  Hello "Road Trip 2011"!  We enlisted Sky Cheshure and Paul Houston to provide another set eyes, cameras, and viewpoints to cover all the activities from this weekend.  The four of us marched around like a well orchestrated four musketeers! LOL  I believe that our lucky couple will be so pleased with all the angles we were able to capture and our upbeat personalities matched their easy going, fun attitude.

If you think I'm joking about fun, upbeat, easy going... They rented a bus for the bridal crew and drove around for two hours until guests arrived at the reception site.  I laughed so much during those two hours that I literally needed a 20 minute break to relax my facial muscles.  Along the way we got some amazing images and while shooting in the street of old St. Charles, were video taped and YouTube'd.  Hello?  Talk about famous.  I'm sure everyone wondered what was going on.

I just wanted to share a few images from the day that touched our hearts, just as Mike & Stephanie did with their love, caring, laughter, joy and thoughtfulness.  Thanks for the honor of choosing us for your special day!

Hugs ~ Rob & Terri



Here is the video of us "playing" in the streets of St. Charles. MO. Thanks to Stephen Angelmeier for capturing this moment for us to enjoy.