Share Your Moments

Terri and I are incorporating a new service for our clients, that has already begun and will take some time to complete.  It's simple and it's free, just a little "value added" for our lucky couples.  But first, a little short story on how this came to be. We truly love capturing moments during the wedding day.  Maybe it's the romantic in her, or the photojournalist in me... but it's true, we love covering weddings.  Limiting ourselves to a maximum of 20 wedding per year, and strictly only one event per weekend, our couples know that we are focused solely on them and their special day.  Along those lines, it's nice to follow up, keep track, stay in touch and sometimes stalk our previous clients.  Ok, the last part was just a joke, really.

Three months after a lovely summer wedding, we ran into one of our wonderful brides and spent a few minutes catching up with the newlyweds.  They loved the images and appreciated the custom engraved USB drive and extra DVDs for their parents.  So I asked, "What were your mom's favorite moments from the day?"  Her response was simple.  "My mom has not seen them yet.  Her computer disc drive is broken."  My heart sunk as I inquired more.  Most of the family from out of town have not seen the images either.

Everyone works so hard to make a couple's wedding day extra special.  I was recalling all the beautiful decorations, yummy cake and candies, delicious dinner, flicking candles, colorful flowers, radiant bride, caring family members, the toast filled with tears of joy, the outrageous dancing, the quiet intimate moments a couple steal away at the reception... all of these locked in a USB drive and two DVDs.   The only images shared were a few teasers on this blog and my Facebook page.  Something had to be done.  Treasures should not be locked away!

Had similar situations happen that we didn't know about?  How can we help our clients?  How can we make it easy?  The brain storming that occurred while we drove home would have made most university think-tanks seem like a kindergarden field trip!  Then amidst the crazy ideas, the most simplest and elegant solution of all.  Let's post ALL their images online so they can share with anyone, anytime, from anywhere!  EUREKA!  (ok, I didn't really say that, but looks cool here)

So, in a nutshell, all of our wedding clients will have their images posted online, in a password protected gallery with the ability to share with anyone or download high-resolution files for printing.  Our wedding collections include a personalized USB drive and (2) DVDs of your images.  The images are yours.   There is NO extra charge for this service.  We are currently uploading past weddings and will be contacting each couple as their images get online.  We are expecting to keep your images online for a minimum of two years after the ceremony.  You can CLICK HERE to see if your day has been posted.

Terri and I really hope this new addition to our collections helps our couples share the moments from their special day with family and friends.  Your wedding was important while in the planning stages, don't let the love, passion and fun end... Share the Moments!

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