Wedding in 30 seconds {remote camera video}

We try and cover as many angles as needed to tell the story of each wedding.  I would like to thank all the efforts/talent of Terri TrawickKathryn Broad, Sarah McKenzie and Brian Davis.  The wedding location is one of our favorites, Festivities Event Center in El Reno, OK. Sometimes, we can get a remote camera setup and firing during the ceremony for an overall vantage point for the album layout.  During Kevin & Bryttney's wedding, our friend Brian was able to come our and play so he "helped" the remote camera along capturing the wedding and most of the formal session.  I believe we set the camera to shoot every 15 seconds and started it before the ceremony started.

After reviewing the 240 images taken {quickly}, we decided to try our hand at a time lapse video.  Here are the funny results from the remote.