Wishing Well Proposal + TJ and Jessica

Meeting with wedding couples before they retain us for their special day is important.  We can observe interactions, talk about hopes and dreams, then some chat on planning the perfect execution of this public display of affection.  TJ & Jessica's proposal falls directly into the romantic category with some groom planning the right moment to ask.

Jessica recounted their story that will inspire other grooms' actions.  Thanks again!

It was my birthday and Tj had flown in a few days prior so that he would be able to come to Disneyland with my family and I. The day started off beautifully, we had breakfast at my favorite restaurant! Bananas foster French toast is the best birthday breakfast. I noticed he was kind of acting strange towards me but I didn't know why so Itried to ignore it. we spent the day celebrating with my family and some friends who joined us for my birthday as well. He let me pick what we did for the entire day for my birthday, he's pretty great like that. He had been telling me for weeks he had the best birthday present ever and couldn't wait to surprise me! if you know me, you'd know I hate surprises, so I tried to ignore him saying those words all day.

As the evening started to roll in he asked if I wanted to watch the fireworks (something we normally skip) so I decided yes since I had not watched them since I was a kid. we found our spot right by the Alice in Wonderland ride since we had a perfect view of the sky. We sat and watched as the show went on and once it finished he asked for me to go with him to Snow Whites Wishing Well so I could make a birthday wish. As we started walking and getting closer I noticed he started shaking and getting really nervous and didn't understand why so once again I just tried to ignore it. Once we arrived at the Wishing Well we saw it was filled with people, but as we got closer, one by one everyone started to disappear. He handed me a penny and told me to close my eyes and make a wish and not to open my eyes until he told me I could, so I went along. I threw in my penny, made my silent wish and kept my eyes closed, and finally, he told me to open them. When I opened them, I found him, on his knee with the ring box in hand and he looked at me and told me how much he loved me and then asked me to marry him. With tears starting to fill my eyes I excitedly said absolutely yes! He took aside and put the ring on my hand and when I got a closer look, I realized it was a ring I had been so in love with but didn't want him to spend the money on it. I was completely in shock and so in love. Every day I spent with him since this day has been just as magical and I am so thankful I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Here are some images from their e-session and wedding day.