Woody back in the USA

We are back from a two week trip to visit family in my birthplace of Seville, Spain.  It was an incredible time with the Trawick and Noé members enjoying the company, food and laughter.  It’s been around 9 years since I’ve been back.  Reconnecting with my Spanish heritage is never far from my mind but my heart gets lost occasionally in the day in and day of working.  This refresher helped me recenter my focus some and pushed me to think more about the importance of family both near and far.

Most of you probably saw our “little” alter-ego affectionately named “Woody”.  He started as a creative idea between friends met during a photo workshop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It kind of developed over a few days of conversation about using a model that would always be available and willing to perform at a moments notice.  Combined with the insight of another tribe member that creates miniatures for enjoyment, the thought of Woody taking the trip with me was born.  I have to say that it was more fun that your normal selfies most take on trips - or everyday - and I caught more curious eyes each time he was released from the carrying sack.

Over the next few weeks, possibly months, I will be editing and posting images of the places visiting in the beautiful areas that I call my center of universe.  If you would like to join me on future ventures and learn about photography, visit our Trawick Images Workshops website to sign up for the newsletter where we will be sending out news for workshops both near and far.

Special thanks to my Voxer MAPSYN Tribe for the creative push - Jim Felder, Ken Martin and Annette Sintell. Be sure to give them a follow for inspiration.

In the meantime, here are the images of Woody’s trips.  Follow the Instagram feed to see the locations and comments.