PhotoExpo Capture '17 in Little Rock, Arkansas

PhotoExpo Capture '17 in Little Rock, Arkansas

C.A. Vines Arkansas (map)

EVENT HOST LINK: 2017 PhotoExpo


Great light surrounds you. The subject is perfect. The moment is right. Your mind tingles with anticipation. Click! ... dark. Click! ... too light. Click! ...still too light. Click! ...why is this too dark now? I just changed everything. @#%&!!!! And the moment is gone forever.

Your camera is just a dumb box... OK, maybe an expensive dumb box that is useless without fully understanding the inverse relationship of the three exposure controls along with proper metering. Yes, you read that right.


You know, the little lights that flicker back and forth inside the viewfinder along some scale you don't remember. The internal camera guide that is never right. Yeah, the one you don't really use cause "I'm a pro and we only shoot in manual.”

Let Robert help you XPerience Exposure through the right use of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, while understanding what the meter is really telling you. Learn the camera meter's sole purpose in life, as well as it’s handheld twin with it’s own unique functions.

Register now for this fun, casual and information packed program. Bring your enthusiasm, questions, and favorite dance moves. Skeptics and hecklers encouraged to attend with special seating in the back of the room. Fruit may be provided

PS: for the "professionals" that only shoot in manual mode... Why do professional cameras have program, aperture priority, and shutter priority modes? Please sign the petition in the back of the room to demand a refund from camera manufacturers for superfluous (aka useless) controls on our professional cameras.


PhotoWalk with Oklahoma PPA

PhotoWalk with Oklahoma PPA


We are still working on the details of this event.

Please check back often for updates!

DFW PhotoExpo in Arlington Texas

DFW PhotoExpo in Arlington Texas

Arlington Convention Center (map)

We are still waiting for the official invite to this amazing photography education event hosted by Arlington Camera in Texas.

Want to see us there? 

Contact Melanie at Arlington Camera to let her know

Call 800-313-6748  |  Email:

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