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Social Media is NOT SOCIAL
6:30 PM18:30

Social Media is NOT SOCIAL

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Are you frozen by fear with Social Media?  You are not alone!  Come out and Join Us for an evening of learning with  Indian Nations PPA in Tulsa

Are you frozen by fear with Social Media?  You are not alone!  Come out and Join Us for an evening of learning with Indian Nations PPA in Tulsa

In today’s business world everyone is talking about social media as the key to success in business. What is being called “social media” is lots of media but not so much social. Having a multifaceted marketing strategy will keep your business moving forward despite economic downturns.

Social Media is not the sole answer to a business marketing plan but only a fraction of the traction needed to stay on the road to success mile after mile. While this isn’t a presentation on a full attack plan for your client acquisition strategy, it will be a great start to understand what needs to be planned for your future.

Robert will guide you on the understanding of Social Media, the 3 big platforms useful for photographers, and 5 things to start today to push forward. It’s the New Year and it’s time for a new approach to making a positive difference.

Come join us for an evening of networking, learning, and humor while changing our approach to finding clients online. This class is aimed at creatives of all skills levels. Bring your note-taking tools, questions, a desire to learn and your own coffee or beverage of choice. A gift of coffee for Robert can expedite answers to your questions. Hecklers are welcome with special seating at the rear. Fruit may be provided for snacking or throwing. 

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Back to Tulsa for Lighting Demo
4:00 PM16:00

Back to Tulsa for Lighting Demo

We are headed back to Bedford Camera in Tulsa to finish our demo that was cut short because of bad weather.  While we will meet in the store at 4:00 pm, it will be just a for quick review and then we will get our hands dirty with some lighting.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment - and lighting questions - and we will have lots of gear from our sponsors to demo.  Please support our benefactors by visiting their websites and checking out their fabulous products.  We are not sure what types of specials Robert Lake - store manager - might have in the works for you, but I'm sure a quick call to him can get you a deal in the store during the class.  Here is the Bedford Camera store number to call - (918) 252-3652 - and be sure to mention our program.

We are looking forward to an amazing time with the returning shooters and anyone else that would like to attend.  Please contact the store to get on the list and reserve your seat!


Here is a shot from our last demo with Bedford Camera in Tulsa, OK

Here is a shot from our last demo with Bedford Camera in Tulsa, OK

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PhotoExpo Capture '17 in Little Rock, Arkansas
11:00 AM11:00

PhotoExpo Capture '17 in Little Rock, Arkansas

EVENT HOST LINK: 2017 PhotoExpo


Great light surrounds you. The subject is perfect. The moment is right. Your mind tingles with anticipation. Click! ... dark. Click! ... too light. Click! ...still too light. Click! ...why is this too dark now? I just changed everything. @#%&!!!! And the moment is gone forever.

Your camera is just a dumb box... OK, maybe an expensive dumb box that is useless without fully understanding the inverse relationship of the three exposure controls along with proper metering. Yes, you read that right.


You know, the little lights that flicker back and forth inside the viewfinder along some scale you don't remember. The internal camera guide that is never right. Yeah, the one you don't really use cause "I'm a pro and we only shoot in manual.”

Let Robert help you XPerience Exposure through the right use of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, while understanding what the meter is really telling you. Learn the camera meter's sole purpose in life, as well as it’s handheld twin with it’s own unique functions.

Register now for this fun, casual and information packed program. Bring your enthusiasm, questions, and favorite dance moves. Skeptics and hecklers encouraged to attend with special seating in the back of the room. Fruit may be provided

PS: for the "professionals" that only shoot in manual mode... Why do professional cameras have program, aperture priority, and shutter priority modes? Please sign the petition in the back of the room to demand a refund from camera manufacturers for superfluous (aka useless) controls on our professional cameras.


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Fort Worth PPA - PJs & Pixels
7:30 PM19:30

Fort Worth PPA - PJs & Pixels


PJs & Pixels - Boobs, Boys, and Bokeh

Get ready to laugh and learn in a casual "Girls' Morning" surrounded by comfortable PJs, good coffee, and bagels with the talented boudoir photographer, Terri Trawick - Audacious Images.

Even though women outnumber the male counterpart in professional photography, we learn differently and are consistently criticized for our equipment choices more than our creative skills. Add in the multiple roles of mother, wife, girlfriend, or even grandmother to the long list of duties as a professional and the "job" can be overwhelming. The struggle is real.

Terri will review the top 10 things to know as a professional to help you succeed, as well, as dispel photography myths that hinder our happiness. She will explain some of the best bokeh gear, girlie gorilla marketing, and secrets to boudoir business. How about learning the easiest way to shoot with flash? Yeah, it’s covered and takes less than 10 minutes to review.

I encourage you to wear your favorite PJs but remember that we are still in a public place so go for loose and comfortable. Bring your favorite morning drink or enjoy some great coffee we will provide with some bagels. Boys are welcome to attend in a special "cry room" in the back. You might just find a pearl or two learning how women think. Girl Shooters Rule! 

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